Alice in Wonderland, first edition

I know prep life is all about being well turned out and healthy eating and the beach and Starbucks and being thin and Lilly Pulitzer and healthy eating….
But there is something extremely magical about a bacon roll.


Saw this on Facebook and thought you guys might like this ;D

Haha yeah AS IF that’s ever gonna happen. I’m still trying to convince my other half to put stuff IN the bin and not just leave stuff next to it.

"If you’re walking down a busy street taking shameless selfies on a pink rhinestone encrusted Samsung, I WILL point and laugh. It would be rude of me not to."



Funny Sandwich Board Signs

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Literally dying


Funny Business Signs

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"Aaaaah!!! It feels like autumn outside! Reverse! REVERSE!!!"


i don’t understand how my room gets so messy when i literally sit in one spot with my laptop all day